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Category - Thoughts


You are a good person when

You are a good person when circumstances suit your temper;
But you become an excellent person when you make your temper suitable to any circumstances!


We love our-self even after

We love our-self even after making so many mistakes.
Then how can we hate others 4 their small mistakes? Strange but true!
So make habit of FORGIVING


FACEBOOK like sms status

FACEBOOK like sms status
Life is much like facebook
Pepole will like your problams
& comment But no one solve them
Because Everybody seems so busy
In updating their Own…


“I never take Right decision.

“I never take Right decision.
I take the decision and make it
Thats called Attitude


ग्रूप के नियम

ग्रूप  के  नियम

बिना अर्थ के
ज्यादा लम्बे मेसेज न भेजे

व्यक्तिगत बातचीत ग्रूप में न करे।

ज्यादा से ज्यादा स्वयं लिख कर संदेशो का आदान प्रदान करे।

ग्रूप के नाम
अथवा फोटो
के साथ छेड़छाड़
न  करे।

नए सदस्यों
को जोड़ना
किसी को
एडमिन के अधिकार
में रहेगा।

एक हफ्ते से ज्यादा
जिसका नेट
बंद पाया गया
हटा दिया जायेगा।

विनम्रता अनुशासन
से रहे।
किसी से झगड़ा न करे।

नेट का रिचार्ज
ग्रुप एडमिन जी
हर महीने आपने आप
करा देंगे ।
आप सबसे सहयोग की उम्मीद हैं।
आपके सहयोग से ही सही संचालन संभव हैं।


Top 10 WhatsApp status

ATTITUDE at its Best:
“My BACK is not a VOICE MAIL.
Kindly Say whatever U have by FACING ME”.

What is SUCCESS ?
SUCCESS is when Ur Photo’s are Uploaded on ‘GOOGLE’ instead of FACEBOOK.

 ‘EGO’ is the only Requirement
to Destroy any Relationship.
Be a Bigger Person
Skip the ‘E’ & let it ‘GO’.

Do U know why God did not give Us
the Gift to Read Other’s Mind ?
So that We could have the Chances to
‘TRUST’ & Privilege to be ‘TRUSTED’.

As long as We do not Forgive People
who have Hurt Us
They Occupy a ‘RENT-FREE-SPACE’
in our Mind.

Always keep Hoping for Good.
Keep a Green Tree in Ur Heart.
The Singing Birds will Automatically come.

If U Walk the Way guided by Humans
U will find a Hopeless End.
If U will Walk the Way guided by GOD
U will find Endless Hopes & Opportunities.

GOD always likes to know again & again
what U want.
It is not that He Forgets Ur
Dreams & Prayers
But He Loves to Check Ur Passion
towards Ur Desire.
That is why He wants U to have Ur
‘QUIET TIME’ which We call as
‘PRAYER TIME’ with Him everyday.

I asked GOD: If everything is already Written in Destiny
then why should I Pray ?
GOD Smiled & said: I have also Written

Empty Pockets Teach
Millons of Things in Life.
Full Pockets Spoil Us in Million Ways.