India first country to sucessfully send a spacecraft to mars in its first attempt.

World’s first garden tomb was constructed in India

India is home to the oldest civilization in the world

Largest number of vegetarian in the world

Largest producer of milk in the world

India is home to all major religions of the world.

Largest Montessori school in the world

Highest cricked ground in the world from sea level.

SundarVan: largest mangrove in the world

Largest Postal network in the world

Home to a number of martial art forms

Zero Interest Is Indian Gift To World

Largest Road Network : 32 lakh KM

Takshilla : Oldest University in the world.

Largest buyer of gold in the world from india.

Largest democracy in the world

Chess is India’s gift to the world

River Ganga is the most populated river basin in the world

Surgery was invented in India

Largest number of mosques in the world

Outsourcing capital of the world

Largest number of train passengers

Delhi has the world’s second largest airport

Kumbh Mela: largest religious gathering in the world

Navigation was invented in India

Varanasi : Oldest city in the world

Largest number of English speakers in the world

World leader in diamond polishing

World’s largest school lunch programme

India is the most peace-loving country

Largest number of dialects and languages

Largest number of elected persons in the world

Only nation to develop thorium-based nuclear power

Lowest cost commercial satellite launcher

Only developing nation to have a nuclear submarine

World’s cheapest car: Tata Nano

India is home to all religions since ancient times

Cheapest call rates in the world

World’s lowest cost supercomputer

One of only 5 nations to send a mission to Moon

World’ largest producer of two-wheelers

Largest oil refinery in the world

World’s highest motorable pass

World’s largest producer of butter

Largest number of bank account holders

Largest producer of movies

World’s lightest and smallest 4th generation fighter aircraft

Yoga was born in India

Wettest place in the world

First country to consume sugar

World’s biggest family is in INDIA

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